Every year we receive hundreds of orders from schools, universities, colleges, museums, and different education institutions and centers.
We have been working with schools across our great nation for many years now and we love to be part of our children's education.

 What should the submitted PO include?

When submitting a PO, please make sure the following are included:

All POs required to be printed on the organization's letter head
Full name and signature of authorized person
If PO is filled by hand, please make sure handwriting is nice and readable (no cursive please)
- A m
inimum value of $100 is required per submitted PO
- Please include email address i
f you want to get an update when your order is processed and when it ships (tracking info)

 How to send your PO?

Brilliant Puzzles makes it easy to send your school PO.
You can either mail or fax your PO, whichever works best for you:


Send a scanned image or PDF format of the PO to the following email:
[email protected]


Winshare Brilliant Puzzles
3162 Johnson Ferry Rd. Ste.260 #704
Marietta, GA. 30062



Please contact us if you need any further information or have any questions.

Brilliant Puzzles Team

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