March 2014 - New Arrivals

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Can you free the message from the bottle?
Well, this is the objective of this brain teaser puzzle.
Once you took the message our (and p-l-e-a-s-e... don't break the bottle...) you can also replace it with your own message, and give it away. 

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This Love Birds secret puzzle box is a beautifully handcrafted creation, high quality workmanship, made of natural wood. 
The box is a puzzle that comes apart into four pieces and discovers a secret space to keep special treasures. 

Remarkable enough to be a gift on its own, this handcrafted puzzle box is an amazing way to present jewelry, cash, or a special small gift. Exotic hardwoods are hand polished, no paints or stains are used to create the beautiful piece, which houses a hidden storage area. The design and craftsmanship makes it a beautiful decor piece in your home or office.
* Artist designed box
* Beautiful handmade piece of artwork.
* Natural wood and natural wood colors only (no paints or stains are used in the process).

Many More Secret Boxes Designs Available Online

The iball4 is a colorful, exciting, cutting edge electronic game.
It is an interactive, brain training game. The iball4 is a compelling and addictive electronic game to challenge your speed, memory and skills. A clear electric green ball with electronic wizardry inside. With timer and high score game play. The iball has 6 light buttons and a LED display. The iball4 can easily be played with by children or adults 6-86. 

Light Speed, so easy to play and yet so compelling to play. Turn off as many lights on the 6 light buttons in 60 seconds. Its a true test of speed and dexterity.

We are happy to welcome you to the Isis Adventure Series (IAS).
The ISIS I puzzle is part 1 in the IAS and this is the second edition of it (Titanium and Blue).
All you need to do in order to solve it is to... open it. Quite simple. Well... not quite!
The ISIS Series is ranking among the most difficult puzzles in the world!
Precision engineered, constructed in layers from aircraft grade aluminium, this orb shaped wonder is a delight to manipulate renowned around the world as one of the most challenging puzzles on earth. 
Each ISIS is unique, with it's own engraved serial and key number, your ISIS is individually assembled by hand in the UK.

Product Features
* High quality solid metal construction
* Rings with precision 'click feel' rotation
* Diamond engraved hieroglyphics
* Smooth highly polished finish
* Unique engraved 'Isis Adventure' PassKey

Your first clue will be the engraved hieroglyphics on the puzzle.
More clues on the solution can be found on the manufacturer's site, all encrypted, of course!

When the puzzle is solved and you open it, you will retrieve your unique serial number. 
Visit the Isis Adventure website and use it to access the "Pyramid Map", an ongoing interactive treasure hunt with prizes & monetary awards!
As one of the highest quality puzzles that you can ever find in the world, the ISIS puzzle aims to challenge even the most discriminating puzzle experts!
Isis Series
The Isis Adventure Series  (IAS) involves 5 unique puzzles (3 are available for purchase and there are plans to do two more puzzles with the last one coming out in 2015). You will need to solve each puzzle to complete the Isis Adventure. Each puzzle conceals a special key. The ISIS key allows you to open one of many Golden Pyramids, hidden throughout the world.
For more information about the rewards and the Isis Adventure Series (IAS) please refer to the manufacturer website
Manufactured and hand assembled in the UK.
Each puzzle comes in an elegant leather bound box for safe keeping the puzzle.
Important Note: Because of the potential reward related to this puzzle and the linkage to the individual key number revealed when the puzzle is solved, we will not accept returns on any opened item.

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