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 Few Valentine's Ideas For You


Broken Heart String Brainteaser Puzzle

Heal the heart! ... and break it again. Can you figure out a way to bring the two pieces of the broken heart to share the same cord loop?

This puzzle is imported by us directly from Belgium.
Design by Jo Wils-B.

This puzzle was invented tens of years ago and you can find it in many varieties (so instead of 2 pieces of heart yo may find 2 beads, wooden rings, etc'). We personally think this (the Broken Heart) is the nicest.






Cast Heart - Hanayama Metal Puzzle 

Take the two bound hearts apart from and put them back together, that is the objective of this lovely metal puzzle. 
A word from the designer:
"This puzzle stands for the tight bond holding together the hearts of lovers the world over. The first step is to free the gold and silver hearts from the chain. Once complete, you have to try your best to get them all back together. This puzzle, to be quite honest, is really tough. So... here's to success in love and in puzzles! This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with - yes you guessed it - a loved one."

Original Designer -Hanayama Co. 2001




Cast Amour - Hanayama Metal Puzzle

Take the two loops apart from the heart and put them back together, that is the objective of this beautifully metal puzzle.

A word from the designer:
"A masterpiece by metal smith Akio Yamamoto, the key word for this puzzle is 'love'. The two individually linked loops make this puzzle extremely challenging. The objective is to remove the masterfully united 'Adam' and 'Eve' loops from the metal plate crafted in the shape of the 'Forbidden Fruit'...and, if you succeed in putting them back together again, your love may just come to fruition." 
Original Designer -Yamamoto






Love Me - Wooden String Puzzle Box 

Love me, love me not, love me, love me not... Does he love me? Does she?... Well, this is not a flower you use one time, but a wooden string puzzle you will own for years to come.
The objective is to release the wooden ring (and the string with the heart) from the box.
Hint: Do not twist the string while trying to solve the puzzle.
Many people purchase this puzzle, solve it themselves and them put the string back but this time with a valuable real ring inside...




Heart String Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle

A beautiful design of a great disentanglement / string wooden puzzle. 
The objective is to separate the cord with the bead from the rest of the puzzle.

Pay attention one mistake may complicate the puzzle even more. 
A very nice looking puzzle! Makes a wonderful loved one gift or for any other gift giving occasion!






 Heart - 3D Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

This is a beautiful 3D wooden brain teaser puzzle in the shape of an heart with 9 nonidentical pieces.  
The objective is to take the puzzle apart, mix the pieces and then try to put it back together in precisely the correct way. Note this is NOT an easy puzzle to solve! 




Heartbreak Tangram - Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

This beautiful 2 colors puzzle is a heart made of 9 pieces. 
It is also known as a Heart Tangram puzzle.

The basic objective is to take all the pieces out and find the combination to put them back in the wooden frame. Then, try to do different shapes out of the 9 pieces. It includes a box with matching lid for safely keeping the parts. 






4D Anatomy Heart Model 

Show your love to your loved one and give your heart away...

The 3" model contains 32 detachable parts and display stand. Also includes Illustrated assembly guide and description of the anatomy along with some fun Q&A to test your knowledge.

Hand painted parts are medical education quality.


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Featured Puzzles on sale at Brilliant Puzzles

  Featured Puzzles. Did you know?...

Complex Cube - Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle

Did you know?...

The Complex Cube puzzle designed by Bill Cutler in 1991 and is very unique wooden puzzle with superb quality.

It was originally called Splitting Headache, because the designer claims you must use both sides of your brain to solve it (where your right side is responsible for intuitive problem solving and your left side for logical thinking).


The complex cube has 9 pieces. Each piece of the 9 pieces is an assembly of small cubes or parts of a cube. The object is to get them back into a 3x3x3 cube, which won't be an easy task.

Each of the pieces having a beveled edge on all sides that give the puzzle a fancy look.

Come complete with a great base. The sides of the base have Plexiglas so as to best view the cube, and it makes a very attractive package.





Crazy X - Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle 

Did you know?... 

This unique puzzle original idea is around since the beginning of the 20th century, however, the modern version was created in 1981 by NOB (Nobuyuki Yoshigahara), a talented Japanese puzzle designer and inventor. NOB had also designed several Cast puzzles for Hanayama (for example, the Cast News metal puzzle by Hanayama is based on the same solution mechanism as the Crazy X wooden puzzle). Also known as 'X Marks the Spot'.


A very clever and tricky wooden brain teaser puzzle. The objective of this puzzle is to remove the X from the square wooden frame. 
Seems like impossible to solve, but can be solve in one second, if you know how... A hint for the solution is in one of your physics lessons (think about "force" but don't use force to solve the puzzle).




Devil's Chess - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Devil's Chess, also called 'Just Fit', was designed by William Strijbos and won the Hikimi Puzzle Competition in 1990 (competition for wooden made puzzles only in Japan).

All 16 pieces and tray are made of wood. Each piece of the puzzle has 2 colors and when the pieces are arranged in the wooden tray as shown in the picture, there are actually 2 layers of 4x4. The pieces are cut in different angles and this is the reason the puzzle is hard to solve. Considers to be a very difficult puzzle.


This one of a kind sixteen pieces wooden brain teaser puzzle represent all the possible ways that two pieces of 2 colors cut in different angels can be joined. The objective is to assemble the pieces into a two-layer, 4x4 checkerboards with the colors matching on both layers and with the colors being different on both layers.

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Awesome Shot Winner January 2013

January 2013 Awesome Shot winner

January 2013 Awesome Shot


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Teachers and Parents, Help the children develop their complex cognitive processes.

Teachers and parents can enhance the education of children, represent them with brain teaser puzzles or play brain teasers games for pleasure, help them develop complex cognitive processes by integrating enjoyable activities into their curriculum.

There are many ways you can represent, and expose children to brain teasers, here are a few suggestions:

       1. Teachers can provide a brainteaser to get mental juices flowing in the morning activities. This practice creates an atmosphere of learning and helps students get ready to learn and into a mind frame that is conducive to learning.

       2. By the middle of a school day, students often begin to tire.
Teachers can use brain teasers as a refocus break between long stretches of work

       3. Parents can encourage family puzzle solving. Encourage family game night by providing kids with puzzles that they can complete with all the family. This practice creates an opportunity for family together time and allows students to demonstrate their masterful puzzle solving abilities to their loved ones.

       4. As kids become more adept at the solving of brainteasers, engage them in discussing how they solved each puzzle. Prompt students with questions such as "What did you do first?" or "How did you reach that answer?" 

       5. Teachers can use brainteasers as a means of evaluating student understanding by creating puzzles that are directly related to the curriculum.

       6. Once kids are familiar with various puzzle forms, allow them to create their own. 

Puzzles, teasers and brain games can liven up any lesson and encourage students' active engagement in the learning process, try and  use them as much as you can.
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Share Your Awesome Photo and WIN!

Share Your Awesome Photo and WIN!

We would love to post awesome photos of our customers using our products.
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Great Shot: My name is Max and I LOVE... me!
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