Hanayama Cast Puzzles - Best Mechanical puzzles of all Times

I've been a blogger for over four years now, and one of the perks of this hobby is that a lot of people write to me on a regular basis, whether it's to exchange ideas, commenting about a particular post, or simply to ask questions about these wonderful objects we like to call...mechanical puzzles. One of the questions I was asked a while back got me thinking about puzzles in a different way, looking for characteristics and special features that distinguish them from the average-looking puzzles.

"Which company/craftsman makes the most beautiful puzzles?"

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Brainstring Houdini - 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle

Back in 1992 inventor Guido Lap came up with the idea of interchangeable strings. Ten years later Brainstring Original was introduced and almost immediately became a worldwide bestseller. 

Now you can play with this great new version of the Brainstring Houdini here at Brilliant Puzzles. 

 Any string is interchangeable with another, so there are many possibilities for play. All imaginable combinations can be made. 
Move each button one-by-one by simply gripping and lifting the button, pulling it and the attached elastic into its new position. 

 Watch the video below to see how to string and un-string Houdini!

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