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 Few Valentine's Ideas For You


Broken Heart String Brainteaser Puzzle

Heal the heart! ... and break it again. Can you figure out a way to bring the two pieces of the broken heart to share the same cord loop?

This puzzle is imported by us directly from Belgium.
Design by Jo Wils-B.

This puzzle was invented tens of years ago and you can find it in many varieties (so instead of 2 pieces of heart yo may find 2 beads, wooden rings, etc'). We personally think this (the Broken Heart) is the nicest.






Cast Heart - Hanayama Metal Puzzle 

Take the two bound hearts apart from and put them back together, that is the objective of this lovely metal puzzle. 
A word from the designer:
"This puzzle stands for the tight bond holding together the hearts of lovers the world over. The first step is to free the gold and silver hearts from the chain. Once complete, you have to try your best to get them all back together. This puzzle, to be quite honest, is really tough. So... here's to success in love and in puzzles! This is even the kind of puzzle that I would recommend trying with - yes you guessed it - a loved one."

Original Designer -Hanayama Co. 2001




Cast Amour - Hanayama Metal Puzzle

Take the two loops apart from the heart and put them back together, that is the objective of this beautifully metal puzzle.

A word from the designer:
"A masterpiece by metal smith Akio Yamamoto, the key word for this puzzle is 'love'. The two individually linked loops make this puzzle extremely challenging. The objective is to remove the masterfully united 'Adam' and 'Eve' loops from the metal plate crafted in the shape of the 'Forbidden Fruit'...and, if you succeed in putting them back together again, your love may just come to fruition." 
Original Designer -Yamamoto






Love Me - Wooden String Puzzle Box 

Love me, love me not, love me, love me not... Does he love me? Does she?... Well, this is not a flower you use one time, but a wooden string puzzle you will own for years to come.
The objective is to release the wooden ring (and the string with the heart) from the box.
Hint: Do not twist the string while trying to solve the puzzle.
Many people purchase this puzzle, solve it themselves and them put the string back but this time with a valuable real ring inside...




Heart String Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle

A beautiful design of a great disentanglement / string wooden puzzle. 
The objective is to separate the cord with the bead from the rest of the puzzle.

Pay attention one mistake may complicate the puzzle even more. 
A very nice looking puzzle! Makes a wonderful loved one gift or for any other gift giving occasion!






 Heart - 3D Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

This is a beautiful 3D wooden brain teaser puzzle in the shape of an heart with 9 nonidentical pieces.  
The objective is to take the puzzle apart, mix the pieces and then try to put it back together in precisely the correct way. Note this is NOT an easy puzzle to solve! 




Heartbreak Tangram - Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

This beautiful 2 colors puzzle is a heart made of 9 pieces. 
It is also known as a Heart Tangram puzzle.

The basic objective is to take all the pieces out and find the combination to put them back in the wooden frame. Then, try to do different shapes out of the 9 pieces. It includes a box with matching lid for safely keeping the parts. 






4D Anatomy Heart Model 

Show your love to your loved one and give your heart away...

The 3" model contains 32 detachable parts and display stand. Also includes Illustrated assembly guide and description of the anatomy along with some fun Q&A to test your knowledge.

Hand painted parts are medical education quality.


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