More Gift Card and Money Maze Puzzles

Pick up one of these handy Gift Card Puzzle and pop in your favorite gift card of choice. 

Now when you deliver the Gift Card Puzzle, your gift recipient will be tantalized by the sight of the gift card encased in a clear plastic maze. Your giftee needs to navigate the metal ball bearing through the maze before the interior chamber can be opened and the gift card released. Somehow being stuck inside a puzzle makes your gift seem about 10 times cooler... plus you get vicarious pleasure from watching your friends and loved ones struggle to open the damn thing. Now that's the true joy of giving!  

* Once opened, puzzle vault can be re-sealed and solved again.

The Bilz Pinball Money Holder Game has real flipper buttons and a plunger, just like a full-sized arcade game.

The recipient has to get all three balls in the hole at the end of the lightning bolt.

Once there, push the money holder's win button and pop open the gift drawer.
Now you can get the money from the inside.


You can play the game over and over again with or without money bills inside.

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