Cookie - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Okay, so... there was a mistake at the Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory.

All the cookies made at the bakery had 10 chocolate chips. Unfortunately, the cookie you got had only 9.
When you realize it, you asked the baker to give you a different cookie, but they were all sold. He decided to give you the 1 missing chocolate chip.

Now you have the cookie and the 10 chocolate chips, but can you find the way to perfectly fit the extra chocolate chip in the cookie you have?

This packing problem puzzle has 10 pieces (the cookie) and 10 chocolate chips (wooden balls).
A large version and very fun to play.






Bind Cube - Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle 

A tough spatial challenge fiendishly devised by Rick Eason.

The object of this puzzle is to take the puzzle apart and then put it back together into its original cube shape.

This is not an easy task, however, fun is guaranteed!


There are 4 more wooden puzzles as part of this 5 puzzle new series. Check them out.









  Pyramid Ball (Medium) - 3D Wooden Puzzle


Beautiful design of the well known wooden pyramid brain teaser puzzle made up of six groups of balls in different shapes.


This pyramid is our new design and the combination of the balls is more difficult to assemble then our last design and it comes with a triangle base that has dents to keep the parts from sliding out.

The puzzle contains 20 wooden balls, linked to create 6 different parts. Great as a desk or coffee table decoration item.






Two Lovers Broken Heart - String Wooden Puzzle 

Two Lovers stay together forever! 

It seems like something happened and our Two Lovers Heart is broken.
Can you fix it?
Each half of the broken heart is placed in a separate strong loop.
Your goal is to figure out a way to join them together bu sharing the same string look.

The hole in the center of the board is too small for the heart pieces to pass through. The puzzle may sometimes seem to be impossible and is often solved with a flash of inspiration.

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